Over the Years...


Letters, calls and emails received over the years have been a great source of encouragement and inspiration.  The following are excerpts of some of the comments written by clients over the past 32 years:

A Credit Union Loan Officer had this review in 2019:
"We have used Dale at Allied Real Estate Appraisals for more than 15 years for our appraisals at my Credit Union and can always count on honest, thorough appraisals each and every time. Dale often takes the time to call and discuss or explain a detail of the appraisal and is more than happy to answer all of our questions. We've not found his attention to detail with other appraisers. He's professional, trustworthy and has been a joy to work with."

An email from an Estate Representative expressed the following in November, 2020:
"Thank you so much for the quick return time on the appraisal of my home. You did a really wonderful job. So easy to understand for a layman like myself."

An endorsement from a local Certified Real Estate Appraiser / Broker in April, 2013 stated:

"As a broker/member of the Grand Rapids Association of Realtors and Certified Residential Appraiser since 1991, I have known Dale to be thorough in his research and value his appraisal and market knowledge. He has always exhibited professionalism, courtesy and promptness in our interaction.  I offer high recommendation for Dale Roels without reservation. His abilities will well serve any client who seeks a fair and competent appraiser."

A Review from a private party client for their family estate (2019):

"Dale at Allied Real Estate Appraisals does a great job!  His honesty, integrity and experience will provide you with an accurate value of your property.  He is prompt and efficient and respectful - all qualities you want in the person you entrusted with this job."

A Grand Rapids Area Mortgage Company President wrote the following letter in 1995:

"We have found Dale to be extremely thorough, competent, and professional in all aspects of his work, and the appraisals he has performed have been accurately detailed, clear and concise, and delivered in a timely manner. In addition, his reviews for both Conventional and FHA quality control audits have been consistently rated excellent."

A Review Appraiser for an Appraisal Management Group and former Bank Review Appraiser indicated the following in a letter from April, 2013:

"Dale has worked for our companies from approximately 1995 to the present.  It is a pleasure working with such a professional and knowledgeable appraiser. I would highly recommend Dale as an appraiser based on our past experiences in the appraisal field. "

April, 2013 correspondence from a Loan Manager for a Kent County Credit Union:

"Our credit union has had the pleasure of working with Dale Roels of Allied Real Estate Appraisals for over 15 years.  I am able to rely on Dale to process our orders quickly and am confident that his work will provide us with accurate values and information.  I have recommended him many times over the years."

A Property Analyst from one of Grand Rapids' largest mortgage companies wrote the following letter in a communication with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in March of 1994:

"...I find that I would prefer underwriting Mr. Roels' appraisals over those prepared by virtually any other appraiser. The reports he prepares are very professional in appearance, thorough, and highly accurate. Dale is very consistent, and reasonable with adjustments to comparables. He routinely provides very helpful comment addendums."

A Loan Department Supervisor for a Grand Rapids Credit Union wrote in a letter dated February, 2005:

"Dale's appraisals are always done in a professional manner, reasonable values given, and in a very good turn around time."

In July of 1997, the Loan Supervisor for a local Credit Union wrote the following:

"Mr. Roels consistently offers a quality product that is accurate and easy to understand. He is professional with our staff, as well as our members. Mr. Roels professionalism coincides with our service oriented philosophy and I have yet to receive a member complaint."

A Mortgage Banker for a Grand Rapids Bank wrote the following in a March, 2005 letter:

"I have had the pleasure of working with Dale Roels for the past 13 years. As a former licensed appraiser and Mortgage Loan Officer, I respect the level of professionalism and dedication that Dale shows."

 A Broker for one of Grand Rapids' largest real estate firms wrote this email in June, 2006:

"I just wanted to thank you for your help in turning around the appraisal so quickly. Thank you for your understanding and working so diligently to accommodate the lender's requirements, under what I know is a process that requires knowledge, established guidelines/parameters, as well as ethical and legal standards. I thank you again for being so very professional, yet so very human and understanding of the situation!"

A Credit Union President wrote the following in 1995 in a letter regarding Allied Appraisals:

"... not only have your reports been timely, but we have not had any derogative comments or questions from any of our underwriters. Your personal and professional service has reduced our loan approval time dramatically."

A VP of Lending Services for a West Michigan Credit Union wrote the following in a letter dated May of 1999:

“Mr. Roels has performed many appraisals for the credit union over the past several years and his work has always been exemplary. I have found Dale to be thorough, competent, and professional in all ways. His efforts have added immensely to our loan lending programs."

Thank you to all our clients over the past 32 years!  The opportunity to have served you has been a privilege I have not taken lightly. I look forward to continued service with the same level of commitment and quality that has remained an integral part of the business since the beginning.

Dale Roels, Certified Residential Appraiser